Aus der englischen Mailingliste

      Aus der englischen Mailingliste

      I've had this appeal from Holger Schulzen, who's setting up an "Avantime
      Gallery". If anyone would like to help him by contributing pictures etc,
      please email

      Mike Hally


      Dear Mike

      I'm trying to contact Matra-Avantime owners all around the world and to
      encourage them to expose their private Avantime pictures at the gallery's
      pages. Could you help? Either by informing owners you know or by
      transferring their email contact to my adress? I would be pleased to hear
      from you!

      Coupéspace-Greetings, Holger
      is a non-commercial initiative for friends and owners of the Matra Avantime
      Administration: Holger Schulzen

      Wilhelmstr. 33a, D-65307 Bad Schwalbach